Our chicken comes fresh from the Mennonites in Southern Ontario.  Free-Roam and hormone free, not only are you supporting a healthy community, you're supporting a healthy lifestyle. The birds gain a more natural nutrient density which give them extra time to achieve the ideal weight without compromising their quality of life. Feed, water, light, heat, space and ventilation are key factors that ensure a healthy life for the animal.

Our product is simply hung to dry in a cooler, preventing water absorption, which as a result enhances the flavor of the meat.

To ensure the absolute best quality of our product, our meat is always hand cut. We use knives to debone which will reduce as much waste as possible, and give our product a clean, precise shape that a machine simply cannot.

If you haven't already seen our marinade section, our chicken is above and beyond other Toronto Butchers!  With almost 20 different flavors on rotation and every cut possible dipped and rubbed, we have something for everyone.

Flattened Chicken





We also carry fresh Ontario Turkeys, so make sure to pre-order you Holiday bird today!