Fresh Produce

Come in and check out our large selection of fresh picked produce.


Ontario Grown

Our truck is away for the winter but it doesn't mean we're done with produce!  She was filled with Ontario corn, squash, pumpkins and a bunch of other great local produce!  We have a lot of options and we try and keep as many options as we can, local.


Fresh As It Gets

Every morning Ernesto deals first hand with the hard working men and women who make this display possible.  Only the freshest produce is available at our store and our resident produce manager Hong, makes sure it's pleasing to look at as well.



You'd think we were Irish the way we do potatoes! If it's sweet you want or a classic Yukon Gold, we have them all!



It is necessary to have a strong tomato selection and we wont let you down, come in and see for yourself.



A healthy and versatile option, we have every mushroom for every meal.  Whether it's on a pizza, in a salad or mixed into a sauce, we have the mushroom to go.